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About LaFontaine Classic Cars

With a deep passion for all things automotive, LaFontaine Classic Cars celebrates the storied automotive heritage of the Motor City and looks to make the classic car of your dreams a reality.

Founded by Michael LaFontaine Sr. and his two grandsons, Zackary and Mackenzie Hinsperger, LaFontaine Classic Cars offers guests an unmatched offering of iconic classic vehicles – from weekend cruisers to Concours quality show vehicles.

Just prior to the passing of the matriarch of LaFontaine Automotive Group, Maureen LaFontaine, the building in downtown Milford became available and it was the ideal location to launch LaFontaine Classic Cars. The attention to detail and automotive nostalgia throughout is a tribute to Maureen and her everlasting legacy.

The showroom aims to bring buyers back in time to a more classic feel. In addition to all the vehicles in the showroom, the space is decorated with vintage signs from vehicle brands of the past. Not only are there vehicles in the building, but the parking lot to the south contains many others available for purchase.

Michael Sr. commented, “This area is prefect for us as we have a lot of roots in Milford and absolutely love this quaint downtown. We look forward to welcoming fellow automotive enthusiasts through our showroom doors and they can expect to receive the same Family Deal feeling people have come to expect at any of our other dealerships. It’s all about personalizing the experience and having fun at the same time.”

LaFontaine Classic Cars acquires vehicles several ways, with a majority of them coming through auction and Michael Sr.’s personal collection.

The shop is open 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. More information, including an online listing of vehicles, can be found at lafontaineclassiccars.com.

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