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Antique, Vintage, & Classic Trucks for Sale in Milford, MI

LaFontaine Automotive offers classic cars to meet the needs of car enthusiasts. The selection below represents the most popular classifications of classic, vintage and antique trucks. While some classic truck shoppers like to search for a specific year, make and model, others just want to click and browse their way around the best classic trucks on offer. LaFontaine Automotive Classic Cars has a high-value selection of classic trucks and cars for even the most keen-eyed collector, give us a call today or search below!

Differences Between Antique, Vintage, and Classic Trucks Age 

Old trucks are a timeless symbol of ingenuity and craftsmanship. These rides are among the most sought-after by enthusiasts and collectors alike. While the terms “antique,” vintage,” and “classic trucks” are often used interchangeably, they are slightly different from each other. Whether you are a lifelong enthusiast or are newly intrigued, knowing the difference between the three trucks is crucial:

  • Antique truck: antique trucks are more than 45 years old. Antiques often feature designs, technology, and manufacturing methods that are no longer in use. They may have distinct styling, materials, and mechanical features unique to their production period. An example of an antique truck is the Mack AC, which was produced in the 1910s.
  • Vintage trucks: a truck is considered vintage if it is 25 years or older. They typically span from the 1919s to the 1930s and up to the 1970s, depending on the context and region. This means some vintage old trucks are also technically antiques. An example of a vintage truck is the Ford Model T Truck produced in the early 1900s
  • Classic trucks: classic truckstypically refer to old pickup trucks that are at least 20 years old but not older than 45 years. The exact definition of classic trucks can vary among enthusiasts and organizations. In essence, some fans cut the age of classic trucks off at 40 years while others put a 25-year limit. Some popular examples of classic cars include the Chevrolet C10, The Dodge Power Wagon, the Chevrolet K2500, and the Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40.

Different Ages of Vehicles and How Restored Trucks Are Classified

For the enthusiasts who believe only the original is good enough, the normal categories of vintage, antique, or classic are good enough. However, when it comes to old trucks, there are always a few motoring purists who love their rides faster, well-built, and more fun to drive. That is where a new category called “Modified Classic” and “Antique Trucks” comes in. Under this umbrella, you will find the following subcategories:

  • Street rods: Street Rods typically refer to vehicles manufactured between 1949 and earlier that have been modified for performance and style. These old pickup trucks emphasize high-performance engines, custom bodywork, and modern features while maintaining a classic appearance. They often have upgraded suspension systems, powerful engines, and custom interiors but retain the original body shape and style.
  • Hot rod trucks: Hot Rods originated in the early-to-mid 20th century and were heavily modified for speed and performance. These trucks often have large engines, modified suspensions, and altered bodies for improved aerodynamics. They can have radical modifications, including engine swaps, lowered stances, and custom paint jobs. They prioritize speed and power over originality.
  • Resto-mod trucks: Resto-mods, short for “restored and modified,” are vehicles that combine vintage aesthetics with modern technology and performance. These old pickup trucks maintain the classic appearance of the original vehicle while integrating contemporary features like upgraded brakes, engines, suspensions, and interiors. Resto-mod trucks focus on preserving the vintage look but often have modern conveniences, safety features, and drivability. They might use modern engines, transmissions, and chassis components while retaining the classic body style.

At LaFontaine Classic Cars, we offer meticulously restored, ready-to-drive vehicles with unmatched performance and timeless aesthetics. Our exciting collection comprises a diverse range of trucks from antiques, vintages, and classics to old-school trucks, hot rods, and resto-mod trucks. Contact us today to explore our inventory.

Choose Your Next Antique, Vintage, & Classic Truck From LaFontaine Classic Cars 

If you are seeking the best old truck to buy that is road-ready and meticulously maintained, Lafountaine Classic Cars is your trusted destination in Milford, MI. Our knowledgeable team will showcase an impressive collection of trucks and guide you through the details of each vehicle’s history, restoration process, and unique features. Contact us today to explore our inventory of best old trucks. Alternatively, you can also sell us your classic vehicle. We can pick up your car from any location in the U.S.

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