About LaFontaine Classic Cars

With a deep passion for all things automotive, LaFontaine Classic Cars celebrates the storied automotive heritage of the Motor City and looks to make the classic car of your dreams a reality. Founded in 1980, LaFontaine Automotive Group is an award-winning, nationally recognized dealer with 54 franchises, 34 Michigan locations and 9 collision centers.

Michael LaFontaine Sr. and his two grandsons, Zackary and Mackenzie Hinsperger, founded LaFontaine Classic Cars together, and the sense of family runs deep in our classic car dealership. Our mission is to provide a personalized classic car buying experience while building lasting relationships that strengthen our community. LaFontaine Classic Cars offers guests an unmatched offering of iconic classic vehicles from weekend cruisers to Concours-quality show vehicles. We understand what classic car enthusiasts are searching for, and we are dedicated to ensuring they can find it at our classic car dealership.

Just prior to Maureen LaFontaine’s passing, the matriarch of LaFontaine Automotive Group, the building in downtown Milford, Michigan became available. It was the ideal location to launch LaFontaine Classic Cars. Besides offering attention to detail and automotive nostalgia throughout, the building is a tribute to Maureen and her everlasting legacy.

Michael Sr. commented, “This area is perfect for us as we have a lot of roots in Milford and absolutely love this quaint downtown. We look forward to welcoming fellow automotive enthusiasts through our showroom doors and they can expect to receive the same Family Deal feeling people have come to expect at any of our other dealerships. It’s all about personalizing the experience and having fun at the same time.”

Why Choose a Classic Car Dealer?

At LaFontaine Classic Cars, we treat everyone like family. You can expect nothing but the best customer service experience from initial contact to servicing your classic vehicle. Upon entering our showroom, buyers step back in time to a more classic aesthetic. With a space decorated with vintage signs from vehicle brands of the past and an impressive inventory, you’ll understand why LaFontaine is a top destination for car enthusiasts. In addition to the classic cars in our showroom, vehicles in the south parking lot are available for purchase.

You can comfortably browse our selection of classic cars with no pressure to buy within a specific time frame. We know a classic vehicle purchase is often a larger decision than purchasing a new car, and we want you to be confident that buying a classic car is the right choice for you.

We keep our classic inventory in top-notch condition, so you can purchase with confidence that your classic vehicle will be ready for the road when you’re ready to drive. Our knowledgeable team will answer all your questions and address any concerns to ensure your satisfaction with LaFontaine Classic Cars. Our buying process is stress-free and without any nonsense from pushy salespeople. We also provide competitive financing options to help you get into the classic car of your choice as soon as possible.

What Makes LaFontaine a Top Classic Car Dealership?

The LaFontaine staff is passionate about classic cars and offers a personalized automotive experience to customers. You can expect accountability, responsibility, respect, and transparent communication throughout the buying and car-care process. Working together, our team helps to make your classic car dreams a reality. Whether you are buying sight-unseen or visiting our classic car dealership in person, rest assured you will have a positive experience. Don’t just take our word for it, see what others are saying about shopping with LaFontaine Classic Cars.

Michael LaFontaine
Zackary Hinsperger
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How to Get Started

Is there a classic car you’ve been waiting to make your own for years? Or maybe you’re just looking to expand your classic vehicle collection. LaFontaine Classic Cars can help you reach your classic car goals. We offer a large selection of classic vehicles that is sure to meet your needs. If we currently don’t have your dream car, let us know what you’re looking for, and our friendly staff will be happy to help you find the right classic car for you. Contact us Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. to experience the LaFontaine Family Deal.

Do you have a classic vehicle you’re thinking about selling or have tried selling without success? Let the LaFontaine family help! Ask about selling us your classic car, and receive a fair, no-obligation offer today.

What to Expect When Buying with LaFontaine Classic Cars

Financing your dream classic car has never been easier at LaFontaine Classic Cars. Our financing experts will guide you through the process and are committed to finding you the best rate possible. Our competitive financing rates and terms will make getting into your classic car or truck easy and hassle free. Contact us today to see our extensive classic car selection and discover the financing options available for securing your classic vehicle. If you have more questions, please give us a call today: (248) 714-2110.

Are you looking for classic cars for sale but don’t want to dig through classified ads and wonder how the vehicle runs? You’re in the right place here at LaFontaine Classic Cars.

As a reliable classic car dealer, we proudly sell high-quality classic cars locally and throughout the United States. Find out below why and how we stand out as the leading classic car dealership located in Milford, MI, and for online sales.

Our Services

LaFontaine specializes in selling classic cars acquired from reliable sources in various parts of the country. We understand all our customers’ needs and endeavor to meet your specific classic car needs. As a community-centered classic car dealership, we treat every customer and staff as part of the family-operated business.

While it is not easy to find well-maintained and functioning classic cars, rest assured, we offer a wide variety of classic cars for every taste and preference. Regardless of the make, model, and year of manufacturer, we can deliver. Contact LaFontaine to start your classic car purchase or sale.

Why Are Classic Cars Better Than Modern Ones?

When push comes to shove, classic cars are just downright cooler than modern vehicles. This is mostly because classic cars retain a certain charm that modern-day cars lack. Also, classic cars are less technologically sophisticated than modern vehicles, making them sought after and loved by gearheads, collectors, and hobbyist mechanics the world over due to their accessibility. Moreover, each classic car comes with an air of nostalgia and prestige that can only be acquired through time, preservation, and a driving passion for classic cars. It’s a labor of love, but when you love classic cars, it just makes sense. You can give us a call today: 248-714-2110.

Why Choose LaFontaine?

We are the best and most reputable classic car dealership for your car and truck desires. Our team is highly qualified in dealing with classic cars for sale. Whether you want to sell your classic car or buy one from us, you can rely on us.

In addition, we are a highly reviewed and rated car dealership with a 4.6 out of 5 stars rating on Autotrader and 5 stars Facebook rating. We strive to ensure customer satisfaction for all people looking to buy or sell classic cars and trucks.

How to Start

Are you looking to buy a favorite classic car? We have an ongoing list of our best collections for classic cars. From American Chevrolet to German Volkswagen and several other car manufacturers, we have it all.

In addition, we also buy classic cars. Fill out this form to share details about your car, and we will get back to you soon to let you know whether or not we are interested in purchasing your vehicle.

What to Expect from LaFontaine

As a family-operated and community-driven establishment, LaFontaine is committed to providing professional yet client-friendly services. Besides our admirable business model, you can expect the utmost integrity and honest dealings. Rest assured, our classic cars for sale are well inspected and maintained before exchanging hands. At LaFontaine Classic Cars, it’s not just what you get, it’s how you feel. That’s what the “Family Deal” is all about. Contact LaFontaine Classic Cars for the best classic car services in Milford, MI.

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