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Lightstream Loan & Financing for Classic Cars

If you need a little financial push to drive off your dream vintage ride, classic car financing may suffice. However, traditional auto lenders may be hesitant to provide loans for your vehicle purchase because collector cars are generally older than an average car purchase. This is where specialized financing options from LightStream Loans & Financing come in.

LightStream offers unsecured personal loans with no restrictions on the type of vehicle you can buy. Their loans can be a valuable option for classic car enthusiasts who want to buy vehicles with many miles on the odometer that wouldn’t otherwise qualify for traditional financing. The classic car experts at LaFontaine Classic Cars provide the advantages of financing a classic car with LightStream loans.

Benefits of Using LightStream Antique Car Loan & Financing with LaFontaine Classic Cars

LightStream collector car loans are available at low rates, with excellent services to make your classic car purchase experience such a breeze. As a cash buyer, you have the freedom to choose any vintage car from LaFontaine, and LightStream will conveniently deposit funds directly into your account. This not only saves you a lot of time but also empowers you to negotiate the best deal. Here are some key benefits of using Lightstream’s new car financing for collector cars from LaFontaine Classic Cars:

  • No appraisals or mileage restrictions: traditional car loans are typically secured by the car purchased. As such, lenders are obligated to set restrictions on mileage and acceptable models. Since LightStream collector car loans are unsecured, there are no restrictions on the type of car you buy. This makes it an excellent option for buyers of antiques, vintages, and classic cars with high mileage.
  • Low-interest rates: You can get loan amounts starting at $5,000 and going up to $100000 at an APR of 7.49%–16.19% with autopay. The loan terms extend from 2 to 7 years, depending on the loan amount.
  • Fast approval and funding: Usually, traditional lenders take several days to process a loan application. You can get LightStream financing for collector cars the same day you apply, giving you complete control over the process. All it takes to get the funds in your account is to complete an application, get approved, and provide the required follow-up information and verification by 2:30 pm ET on a working day. Moreover, applying is simple via a user-friendly online platform, allowing you to enjoy a virtually paperless loan experience.
  • High autopay discount: although traditional lenders offer discounts to lenders who sign up for auto-payments, their reduction is typically limited to a paltry 0.25%. On the other hand, LightStream’s discount is 0.50%.
  • No origination fees: some auto loan lenders charge origination fees, which can be as much as 1% or 2% of the loan amount. By contrast, LightStream charges zero origination fees.
  • No prepayment penalty: Unlike other lenders, LightStream collector car loan doesn’t impose prepayment penalties if you want to pay off your loan early.
  • Rate beat program: LightStream financing for collector cars will beat a competitor’s interest rate by 0.1% if you were approved by that competitor for a standard fixed-rate loan with similar terms.

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If you are shopping for a classic car in Milford, MI, LightStream antique car loans can make your purchase journey hassle-free. At LaFontaine, we have partnered with LightStream to make your dream of owning a stylish vintage ride come sooner. We boast an extensive inventory of road-ready and meticulously modified antiques, vintages, and classic cars at our Milford, MI, showroom. Our knowledgeable team will guide you through the details of each vehicle’s history, restoration process, and unique features. Contact us today to explore our inventory of classic vehicles. Alternatively, you can also sell us your classic vehicle. We can pick up your car from any location in the U.S.

Lightstream offers low rates and great service to make your car-buying experience hassle-free. As a cash buyer, you have the freedom to choose any used car from any dealer, and LightSteam conveniently deposits funds directly into your account, saving you time and empowering you to negotiate the best deal. With LightStream, we can fund your loan as soon as the day you apply, giving you full control over the process. There are no appraisals or restrictions on age or mileage, allowing you to easily purchase the classic car you desire. Applying is simple through our user-friendly online platform, and you can enjoy a virtually paperless loan experience with rates starting as low as $5,000 and going up to $100,000. Experience the simplicity of LightStream loans today.