Gifts for Classic Car Lovers: A Classic Car Accessories Guide

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Gifts for a Classic Car owner

Updated: April 15, 2024

Car lovers often infuse their enthusiasm for vintage cars into everything in their lives, from their wardrobe, accent furniture, clocks, and home décor to calendars. If you have a vintage car enthusiast in your life, giving them a car-themed gift can be a perfect way to celebrate their birthday, holiday, or anniversary. LaFontaine Classic Cars presents a list of the most thoughtful gifts for the classic car collectors in your life.

Driving gloves

Gifting someone a pair of driving gloves can be a thoughtful and functional gesture, especially if your loved one spends a lot of time behind the wheel. Driving gloves are a classic accessory that adds fun to every ride while reducing hand fatigue during long drives. These gloves come in various designs, colors, and materials, making them a fashionable addition to a driver’s wardrobe. Choose gloves made from high-quality leather to keep the person comfortable and aid the gripping of the steering wheel.

Driving loafers or shoe covers

Driving loafers or shoe covers are among the most valuable items car enthusiasts regularly use during their everyday drives. A decent pair of loafers keeps them comfortable while assisting their feet in maintaining a firm hold of the gear pedal. Besides, these accessories come with a chic and cool appearance that enhances the overall driving experience for a loved one.

Automatic watch

Classic automobiles boast a distinct and timeless style that can only be matched with the right watch. From its stainless case to the exquisite interiors, an automatic watch can enhance the car’s aesthetics and bring out its exquisite details. Choose a visually stunning watch that gives the impression that your loved one is wearing a portion of the vintage car’s dashboard around their wrist.

Set of wheels

A great classic car requires a legendary set of wheels. Classic car enthusiasts often invest a lot of time and effort in restoring and maintaining their vehicles. New wheels can give the car a fresh, eye-catching look while also improving handling and safety. However, go for something other than intricate wheels; choose something more traditional and less complicated. Spinners on an antique automobile can quickly ruin the old car’s overall appeal.

A pair of cufflinks

Vintage car lovers often seize every opportunity to show off their allegiance to their favorite automaker or auto parts supplier. Gifting them a pair of cufflinks made in the shape of their favorite old car or speedometer can help them wear their enthusiasm with pride. Look for cufflinks that feature miniature replicas of classic cars. Those made from various materials, such as metal or enamel, can be quite detailed and unique. You can also choose cufflinks shaped like steering wheels and those designed in the shape of gear shifters.

Stain and odor removers

Another meaningful gift to throw into a gift basket for your favorite classic car collector is a stain and odor remover. These sprays come in handy when your loved one wants to keep their seats and dashboards sparkling clean and fresh. Classic cars often have unique and valuable interior materials like leather, fabric, and carpets. Stain removers can help eliminate spills, stains, and odors from these materials, preventing permanent damage and preserving the car’s original aesthetics.

Classic and Vintage Cars for Real Enthusiasts

An excellent gift for a classic car lover in your life should not only reflect the recipient’s interests. It should also show you have put a thought into their preference and personality. If you need help to choose the right gift, don’t hesitate to contact the classic car experts at LaFontaine Classic Cars.

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