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We can all agree that classic cars are timeless. There is something about them that captures our imagination. Maybe it’s how they evoke a different era or the sense of adventure and freedom they represent. Whatever it is, classics often offer a sense of nostalgia that takes us back to a simpler time.

American Classic Cars for Sale

If you attended one of the many classic cars events, it’s easy to spot that not every collector has the same taste. There are many different interpretations of what a classic car is. While some people might consider any vehicle over 20 years old to be a classic, others might only consider vehicles from the 1950s and 1960s to be true classics.

Here at LaFontaine Classic Cars, we have a wide selection of America’s most popular classic cars from all eras. We have your perfect vehicle, whether you’re looking for a muscle car, a vintage convertible, or something in between. Take a look at our inventory and find the classic car of your dreams.

What Is a Classic Car?

A classic car is an older automobile; the exact definition varies worldwide. However, a common theme of an older car with enough historical interest to be collectible and worth preserving or restoring rather than scrapping is what distinguishes them. Typically, 20 years and older cars fall into the classic class category. It can be a “fine” and “distinctive” automobile, either American or European, manufactured between the 1960s and 1990s. You can browse our inventory of classic cars in Milford, MI.

Why Are Classic Cars Popular?

Classic cars are popular due to various factors. It is important to note that the designers back then used more creativity, pencil, and paper to design cars rather than computers. Using a pencil and paper allowed for more styles and design changes that can still be seen in cars today.

For many people, classic cars represent a simpler time. They remind us of when life was less complicated and we had more free time. In addition, classic cars usually have an interesting story or history behind them. They may have been owned by a celebrity or been involved in a famous event. These stories add to the allure of the car and make them.

Classic Cars Gain Value Over Time

When looking for a viable investment, classic cars are a great option. Unlike new cars, classic cars tend to increase in value over time due to several factors, including the limited supply of specific models and the increasing popularity of classic car collecting.

If you’re thinking about investing in a classic car, do your research first. You’ll want to consider the current market value, the costs of restoration and maintenance, and the availability of parts. With a little bit of planning, you can find a classic car that will be an excellent investment and fun to drive.

Classic Cars Grab Attention

We all can’t stop staring at them. There’s just something about a classic car that makes it impossible to look away. Classic cars always turn heads, whether it’s the sleek lines of a vintage convertible or the mighty muscle car engine. Over the past years, the American carmakers have impressed the classic car shows with some of the greatest oldies, with most classic car enthusiasts drooling over them.

Classic Cars Are Fun to Work On

For many classics lovers, working on classic cars is a hobby. It’s a great way to spend some time in the garage and get your hands dirty. Whether you’re doing a complete restoration or just making simple repairs, working on classic cars can be a fun and rewarding experience. Additionally, shifting gears of driving a manual transmission car comes with an unmatched feeling.

Your Key to the Best Classic Cars & Trucks

While the classic car market is ever-changing, and what may be popular today may not be tomorrow, a few American classics have withstood the test of time. And the popularity of these vehicles only seems to be increasing – especially among millennials. At LaFontaine Classic Cars, we’re proud to offer some of the best classic cars and trucks for sale anywhere in the country. If you’re looking for an iconic piece of American automotive history, contact us today—we’d love to help you find your dream car.

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